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Projects Pump unit enclosure-box above the artesian well

Process comlexes

Pump station enclosure-box is successfully operated above the artesian well.

Pump station enclosure-box above the artesian well is designed for lifting and supplying water from the artesian well into the water supply network for fire-fighting purposes

The modular building of the pump station is supplied fully equipped with process equipment, heating, lighting, and ventilation systems, and does not require modifications and changes in the process solutions.

All supplied equipment, devices, and materials comply with the regulations, rules, and standards in force in the Russian Federation at the time of commissioning.  

Calculation and selection of parameters, as well as the development of a full set of design documentation was carried out by proprietary design department.

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Other projects
2018 year
The customer needed an oil treatment unit with heating of the incoming products.
According to the terms of reference, our scientific and technical center has proposed a unit with a volume of V = 115 m3.
2016 year
Water heating boiler plant UKM-0.8VGZh designed for heat supply of buildings and constructions has been shipped. Boiler plant is a process complex consisting of transportable pre-fabricated module.
2021 year
Mobile indirect heating unit MUKN-0.12K was successfully commissioned.
2016 year
Flare unit designed for high-efficiency and high-quality combustion of periodic, permanent, and emergency discharges of combustible gases at oil and gas field treatment facilities in oil and gas fields, as well as oil, gas, and petrochemical industry enterprises, has been manufactured and shipped to the Customer.
2021 year
Another recuperator unit was manufactured and shipped to the customer, which is designed for combustion of permanent, periodic, and emergency gas discharges and their disposal by means of heat recovery for heating of recycled process water using the heat of exhaust gases.

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