Convection heating furnace PKBG-Samum - Innovation «Bunter Group»

Convection heating furnace PKBG-Samum

Convection heating furnace with forced flue gas recirculation PKBG-Samum, a new development of Bunter Group, is designed to heat crude and commercial oil, petroleum products, water, gas, and high-temperature organic heat transfer media. The furnace can be used in oil and gas treatment, transportation, and refining.

Main parts of PKBG-Samum convection heating furnace

·         combustion chamber,
·         heat-exchange (convection) chamber with a product coil,
·         torch,
·         smoke pipe,
·         recirculation gas duct,
·         smoke exhaust and fan.

Operating principle

The fuel is combusted in the thermally insulated combustion chamber. The resulting high-temperature combustion products mix with the pre-cooled smoke gases, which are fed by the smoke gas recirculation duct, and are transferred to the heat exchange chamber, where the heat is convectively transferred to the product coil.

Smoke gas recirculation allows to regulate the temperature of the gas flow at the inlet to the convection chamber, provides an even distribution of the temperature field and smooth heating of the product, while increasing the efficiency of the furnace and significantly reducing the amount of harmful NOx emissions.

The furnace uses a cyclone-type burner, which provides intensive mixing of air with gas and a high degree of completeness of combustion of the fuel mixture in the burner housing. The safety of the combustion process is ensured by the flame monitoring system and quick shutoff valves. The air is supplied to the burner by a blower fan. The main burner is ignited by the built-in ignition burner.

The heat-exchange chamber is a box-type device with horizontally arranged coil tubes connected with welded branches. The camera frame is the main load-bearing metal structure. The product pipes of the coil are located in pipe boards made of heat-resistant steel. To increase the efficiency of the furnace, the pipes in the convection chamber are optimally spaced and finned.

A low-inertia and lightweight ceramic-fiber lining installed on special heat-resistant anchors is used inside the furnace. Lining of the heat exchange chamber, transition, and smoke pipe is performed by the manufacturer.

Advantages of PKBG-Samum

The use of PKBG-Samum furnaces is economically profitable when creating new or reconstructing existing enterprises for oil and gas treatment, transportation, and refining, which is explained by the following:

·         individual design of the furnace for the required heating parameters eliminates the overpayment for excessive furnace power, as in the case of serial products;

·         increasing the service life of the coil up to 25 years and reducing the financial losses caused by equipment downtime (due to the soft, adjustable heating, excluding thermal corrosion of the pipe metal);

·         reducing the site for the foundation and the cost of construction and installation works, since the auxiliary equipment is located directly on the furnace unit;

·         reducing the quantity and cost of equipment used in heating viscous and high-viscosity oil. Oil can be fed directly to the furnace eliminating the intermediate circuit (heat exchanger, pump, pipelines, expensive intermediate coolant);

·         high efficiency (92%) and, consequently, lower fuel consumption and lower air emissions fines compared to other furnaces;

·         reduced power consumption at the same thermal capacity of the furnace (85 kW PKBG-Samum/110 kW PTB-10E).

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