Early oil extraction services — Bunter Group

Early oil extraction services

Early oil extraction services

Bunter Group has the ability to manufacture and lease proprietary equipment and provide a range of services for early oil extraction using this equipment.

This solution will allow the Customer to reduce investment in the project compared to the capital development of infrastructure.

Implementation of the range of services

Proprietary research and development center will carry out the calculations and select the necessary equipment depending on the input parameters and requirements for the units.

Then the equipment complex will be mobilized to the customer's site, tied up, and connected to the existing communications, adjusted, and put into operation by the service specialists.

Then begins the process of operation and maintenance of the equipment complex by our specialists.

Application of this solution

The offered services are applied at remote single wells, at early stages of field development, at fields with small reserves, and at fields with a high degree of water ration at a late stage of development.

Depending on the purpose, a set of equipment is selected from ready-made solutions of mobile or small-sized equipment complexes:

- small-size modular separation and loading unit,

- mobile complex for well exploration and development,

- mobile oil treatment plant.

Process units are made in transportable modules to ensure the possibility of delivery by road, rail, or sea to the field development facilities. The modules are supplied in maximum factory-ready condition on a frame or chassis. Both options do not require on-site reassembly. The units are connected using quick-release couplings to form a single unit on site.

Small size, low metal consumption, and maximum factory readiness allows to reduce the construction area and significantly reduce the time of supervision and commissioning. The modular design of the unit allows to quickly increase the capacity by increasing the number of standard units. Due to easily changeable configuration of the unit, it is possible to obtain different oil treatment quality indicators depending on the customer’s requirements and needs.

At the end of the service period, Bunter Group provides the Customer with the opportunity to repurchase the equipment at residual cost.

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