Production facilities - «Bunter Group»

Production facilities

Bunter Group manufactures equipment for the fuel and energy complex

In addition to proprietary research and development center and design department, the company has two production sites that complement each other.

Production site in Syzran:

The division has a total production area of 6,797 m2 (expandable), each workshop aisle is equipped with lifting tools with a capacity of up to 20 tons, lifting height of 8 meters.

The production facility is newly equipped with:

4-roll hydraulic bending machine M 3035 M (Italy) with the ability to bend the sheet thickness of 35 mm, length of 3100 mm;

Plasma cutting complex OMNICUT 3100 (Czech Republic) to cut

low-carbon steel — industrial burning up to 38 mm; up to 64 mm when cutting in from the edge;

Four-roll electromechanic rolers SBX-V800x4 (Russia) with the ability to bend sheet with a thickness of up to 4 mm;

Universal bending machine UGS-6/1A (Russia);

Combined press cutters NG5223 (Russia);

Guillotine shears NG16G.01 (Russia);

Sheet bending press PLG-250.25 (Russia);

Profile bending machine Stalex RBM50 (Russia).

Bench for hydraulic tests of up to 21 MPa and pneumatic tests up to 1.28 MPa (Russia)

The production facility is also equipped with pipe cutting machines 9M14, screw-cutting lathes 1A616, 16V16, milling machines 6N81, 6T12, vertical boring machine 2N125, and radial drilling machine 2A55.

Preparation of the surface for painting is carried out with a pressure-type abrasive blast machine DSG-250.

The products are painted with an airless painting machine TAIVER GOLD-6500.

Over 4,000 tons of metal capacity annually

manufacturing ability. This department is provided with necessary material and human resources and may produce up to one 100 units per year.

Production site in Yekaterinburg:

Manufacturing workshop with a total area of over 3,000 square meters:

- 4 overhead cranes;

- Painting area;

- Welding equipment;

- Rolling-and-bending machine;

- Hydraulic guillotine shears;

- Band saw;

- Turning and drilling equipment.


This production site specializes in the manufacturing of the following equipment:

- gas preparation units

- modular boiler plants

- automated gas distribution systems

- automation cabinets

- water treatment plants

Successful completion of technical audits is carried out at Bunter Group production sites and confirmed by letters from the largest oil and gas companies in Russia and the CIS.

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