Line heater unit with separation assembly BPP-1.6U

Line heater unit with separation assembly BPP-1.6U

Oil and gas equipment

The Customer faced a non-standard task: oil emulsion needed to be heated directly from the well pad in the absence of prepared fuel gas to feed the heater burners and the remaining infrastructure around the well pad.

We proposed a set of equipment, including a unit for preliminary extraction and separation of associated petroleum gas for the operation of heater burners.

The automation system of the heater unit provides:

  • automatic maintenance of the set product temperature at the outlet of the autonomous heater sections or the coolant in the tank sections by changing the fuel gas flow rate by control valves;

  • adjustment of condensate levels in the separator and gas receiver;

  • control of the following basic process parameters:

a) oil pressure at the heater inlet (for each coil);
b) fuel gas pressure after BPOG, in the receiver, after the pressure regulator, and before the burners;
c) oil temperatures at the heater inlet and outlet (for each coil);
d) fuel gas temperature in the line after BPOG, in the receiver, and after the pressure regulator;
e) temperature of the coolant in the vessel;
f) exhaust gas temperatures;
g) level of the intermediate coolant in the heater housing.

The heater automation system performs the following basic functions:

  • - automatic remote ignition of the ignition and main burners with prior ventilation of the furnace space with natural draught;
  • - manual ignition from the operator panel during the setup and testing phase;
  • - automatic maintenance of the product heating temperature by changing the fuel gas flow rate by control valves;
  • - stopping the fuel gas supply to the burners in case of emergency process parameters;
  • - emergency cause storage;
  • - stopping the fuel supply with message decoding on the operator panel and audio signal;
  • - transmission of the alarm signal to the upper level (operator's room) via a dry relay contact.

All equipment was manufactured simultaneously on two own production sites in Syzran and Yekaterinburg.

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