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Water treatment unit BG-VOS.36.BM

BG-VOS.36.BM water treatment units provide treatment and desalination of brackish water from surface water sources to meet the water quality requirements of GOST 20995-75 for use in boiler units UKM-ZPM with E-1.0-0.9M boilers.

Main parts of water treatment unit BG-VOS.36.BM

  • modular building of maximum factory readiness equipped with heating, ventilation, lighting, and OPS systems;
  • main process equipment;
  • capacitive equipment;
  • set of piping and ZRA;
  • electrical equipment, instrumentation, and local control system (LSU).

Operating principle

The water is taken by pumping station Wilo HWJ 204 from the external source water storage tank after passing the stage of coarse mechanical purification in the strainer dirt separator. Two pumping stations are installed to provide the required capacity and the necessary reserve.

The pumping station supplies water to the 2 m3 contact tank. Before water enters the tank, in order to regulate the water pH level and the consolidation of insoluble impurities, the reagents (coagulant and alkali) are injected.

Reagents are distributed with proportional dosing complexes by the signal from the pulse counter.

Wilo HWJ 204 pump station supplies water from the contact tank to the wastewater treatment plant with a flow rate of 2.4 m3/h and a pressure of 3.0 atm.

The first stage of purification uses an ultrafiltration unit.

Ultrafiltration unit allows to effectively purify water from fine and colloidal impurities, organic substances, bacteria, and reduce permanganate oxidation by at least 50-60%.

The quality of water treatment remains constantly high almost regardless of the source water quality, which means that seasonal fluctuations in water composition will not have a significant impact on the treatment quality.

The ultrafiltration unit consists of two circuits with a capacity of 2.2 m3/h each.

A reverse osmosis unit is used at the second treatment stage to reduce the salt content of the water to the required standards. The reverse osmosis unit consists of two circuits with a capacity of 2.2 m3/h each.

A boster pump station consisting of two high-pressure Lowara 5SV23F040T pumps (1 operating, 1 standby) are installed on the reverse osmosis unit.

The desalinated water is fed into a 2 m3 treated water storage tank. The tank provides the necessary supply of water for unit consumption and flushing.

Purified water is supplied for consumption and flushing equipment with Wilo HWJ 204 pump station.

Before water is supplied to the consumer, alkali is injected using a proportional dosing complex to bring the pH in accordance with the required standards.

Modular building of water treatment unit BG-VOS.36.BM has overall dimensions, strength characteristics, and slinging fittings corresponding to 20 NS sea container.

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