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Treatment facilities of rainwater sewage BG-OSLS

Treatment facilities of rainwater sewage BG-OSLS provide treatment of industrial and rainwater for discharge into water bodies to the water quality standards for domestic, cultural, and fishery water use, as well as technical water standards of specific industries depending on the requirements.

Treatment plants provide a high degree of purification without large construction and operating costs. Facilities are compact, reliable, and easy to operate, do not require the constant presence of personnel at the treatment plant.

Complexes for rainwater intake and treatment can be of both ground (BG-OSLS.H) and underground (BG-OSLS.P) design depending on the requirements and capabilities of existing conditions.

The composition of treatment facilities BG-OSLS is selected depending on the quality of the initial drainage.

Underground sewage treatment facilities BG-OSLS.P are designed for a capacity of 1-100 l/s and consist of one or more tanks. Used tank material: steel, fiberglass, twisted polyethylene.

Cleaning is carried out in several stages:

  • mechanical purification on thin-layer filter blocks,
  • cleaning on coalescent modules,
  • filtration on synthetic sorbents.

Mechanical purification is performed with the thin-layer filter unit consisting of inclined parallel plates, the movement of water through which occurs in a countercurrent system. Water velocity reduces partially, and large particles are released under the action of gravity.

The principle of cleaning with coalescing modules is to enlarge the particles of petroleum products and accelerate them to the surface due to the difference in density of water and oil. Floating oil sorbent booms or pads, which have a fast absorption rate, are provided to collect petroleum products.

Then the industrial residual rainwater enters the filtration zone equipped with a multilayer filtering load. Synthetic sorbent layers are used as filter media. After passing the filtration zones, a residual content of 5 mg/l for suspended solids and 0.3 mg/l for petroleum products is maintained.

Scope of delivery of BG-OSLS.P may include:

  • UV disinfection unit,
  • reagent treatment unit,
  • pump equipment,
  • mechanized sludge removal and dewatering unit.

Ground type wastewater treatment plants BG-OSLS.N are manufactured for a capacity ranging from 0.5-40 m3/h and may consist of one or more modules or a pre-fabricated building.

One series of cleaning complex BG-OSLS.N includes these stages of purification: separation and two-stage filtration.

The separation zone is equipped with a separator consisting of thin-layer plastic modules and floating oil-sorbing booms or pads, which have a rapid rate of absorption of petroleum products. The first zone provides a partial reduction of suspended solids due to the process of sedimentation and coalescence of emulsified petroleum products.

The filtration zones of the first and second stages are equipped with two-stage cassettes with multilayer filtering load. Coalescing layers of synthetic microfiber polypropylene sorbents designed specifically for use in filters for the sorption of emulsified petroleum products are used as filter media. The final stage of post-treatment is active carbon. After passing the filtration zones, a residual content of 5 mg/l for suspended solids and 0.3 mg/l for petroleum products is maintained.

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