Small-size modular separation and loading units MBSNU

Small-size modular separation and loading units MBSNU

Small-size modular separation and loading units MBSNU are a set of process units installed on the site as a single complex. MBSNU-200 is designed for research, development, and production of liquid and gas from oil and gas producing wells at various separation pressures with subsequent filling into tank trucks and combustion of accompanying gas.

Process units are made in transportable modules to ensure the possibility of delivery by road, rail, or sea to the field development facilities. The modules are supplied in maximum factory-ready condition on a frame or chassis. Both options do not require on-site reassembly. The units are connected using quick-release couplings to form a single unit on site.

Small size, low metal consumption, and maximum factory readiness allows to reduce the construction area and significantly reduce the time of supervision and commissioning. The modular design of the unit allows to quickly increase the capacity by increasing the number of standard units. Due to easily changeable configuration of the unit, it is possible to obtain different oil treatment quality indicators depending on the customer’s requirements and needs.

Operating principle of MBSNU-200

Oil well products (oil, formation water, gas, mechanical impurities) from the well through the oil-gathering collector are transferred to the oil-gas separator. Partially degassed water-oil mixture (oil) flows under gravity into the separation and storage tank operating at atmospheric pressure, where the final degassing and accumulation of water-oil mixture (oil) occurs, which then enters the tank truck for loading.

The amount of water-oil mixture (oil) at the outlet is measured by the meter. The separated gas from the inlet separator are transferred through the gas meter and the control valve to the pipe expander TR and further to the flare for combustion. The gas from the storage separator is also transferred to the flare. The condensate in the flare pipeline is collected in the pipe expander and discharged into the drainage tank. During repair, the tanks are cleaned with steamer connected to the steaming lines. The waste is discharged into the customer's drainage tank. The unit provides for local control of pressure by means of pressure gauges and level by means of level meters, as well as regulation of pressure, liquid level, accounting of gas flow to the flare and accounting of water-oil mixture (oil).

Various modifications of the inlet separator are used for different conditions. The internal structure of the devices is adjusted in order to improve the process. If it is necessary to use the gas extracted from oil as fuel gas for oil heaters, the unit provides the possibility of its cleaning from dripping liquid.

Thus, MBSNU can be operated in the fields where the heating of well products is required. When developing the design documentation and manufacturing the MBSNU, the possibility of connecting oil heaters is provided.

Set of MBSNU-200 is developed and manufactured in accordance with current regulations and rules applied in the oil and gas industry, and meets the requirements and regulations for fire safety. The composition of the equipment set can be changed by the manufacturer upon agreement with the customer.

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