Mobile oil treatment unit (MUPN)

Mobile oil treatment unit (MUPN)

Mobile oil treatment unit (MUPN) is a complex of modular equipment designed for oil treatment according to the requirements of GOST R 51858-2002.

MUPN is designed for degassing, dewatering, and desalting of oil.

Main parts of MUPN

Depending on the initial parameters, MUPN may include the following equipment:

  • separation equipment (NGS, NGSV, GS, KSU, etc.),
  • heating equipment (electric heaters, line heaters with intermediate coolant),
  • oil dehydration and desalting units,
  • water treatment units,
  • pump units for oil and water transportation and pumping water or oil into the formation,
  • oil, gas, and water metering units,
  • vertical or horizontal flare units,
  • tank farm (buffer tanks, storage tanks, firefighting tanks),
  • operator, amenities blocks, power units, etc.,
  • engineering communications.

The process flow diagram of a complex oil treatment unit may vary depending on the capacity, emulsion properties, oil and water treatment requirements.

Advantages of MUPN:

  • application of mobile units manufactured within transport dimensions provides a reduction in manufacturing and commissioning terms and capital costs;

  • no need to prepare foundations or piling field;

  • unification of the applied units allows to scale the oil treatment facility. MUPN can be upgraded to apply the equipment on other fields in case of the need for relocation;

  • application of modern and efficient internal devices enables reduction of the development footprint and the metal consumption of the plant;

  • possibility of gradual field development due to the scalability of the technology and the possibility of adding new units and process chains without stopping the wells.

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