Heaters PP-4V

Heaters PP-4V

Oil heaters with intermediate coolant PP-4V are designed to heat oil products during transportation in pipelines, as well as oil emulsions and gas condensate at oil treatment units. PP-4B operate both on gas and liquid fuel. If liquid fuel is used, a liquid fuel treatment unit must be applied.

Operating principle

The main component of the heater is a heating unit designed to transfer heat from the combustion products of the fuel gas to the heated product. The heater unit is a tank filled with intermediate coolant. The tank contains two furnaces, which are welded U-shaped structures, and a product coil bundled in two streams. The main and ignition burners are attached to the furnace flange.

Oil from the field network enters the product coils of the heater. The coils are located in an intermediate coolant. Thus, the furnace heated from the combustion products by the burners heats the coolant, the heat from which is transferred to the coil. The product it is heated safely and evenly to a predetermined temperature by continuous feeding of the product into the coil.

The fuel gas passes through the moisture separator and the fuel treatment unit located on the heater housing before being fed to the ignition and main burners. The cooled combustion products are discharged from the heater furnace into the atmosphere through the smoke pipe.

Main parts of oil heaters with intermediate coolant PP-4V

  • heater unit,
  • furnace,
  • product coil,
  • expansion tank,
  • burner unit,
  • assembly air handling unit,
  • smoke pipe,
  • automation system.

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