Heater PP-0.63

Heater PP-0.63

PP-0.63 is designed for heating hydrocarbon raw materials and products (oil, oil emulsions, gas condensate, high viscosity oil products, formation water) during their transportation by pipelines at the fields and oil treatment plants.

Design of the heater with intermediate coolant PP-0.63

The heater is a cylindrical tank on a sled frame. The lower part of the tank houses a furnace with a gas or oil burner. A tubular product coil and fuel heating coil are located in the upper part. The internal volume of the tank is filled with liquid coolant (water, antifreeze), which transfers the heat from the furnace to the coil. The tank is equipped with a coolant expansion tank and a breathing valve.

The product coil is four-sectional device made of steel pipes. Each section is a bifilar flat helix made of steel tube. U-shaped horizontal furnace is made of heat-resistant steel tube; frame base is the welded structure made of rolled section steel which is designed for installation of the tank, control cabinet, and fuel preparation cabinet on it.

A service platform is attached to the furnace housing in the operating position.

Operating principle

The heated product enters the product coils of the heater, where it is heated from the intermediate coolant to the set temperature, and then removed from the heater.

The product temperature in the pipeline is monitored at the coil outlet by means of sensors, the signals from which are transferred to the burner controller (which changes the combustion mode).

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