Heater PNPT-0.3

Heater PNPT-0.3

Oil heater with intermediate heat carrier PNPT-0.3 with heating capacity of 0.3 MW is designed for heating oil, formation mixtures, and their mixtures in the collection, transportation, and well product preparation systems

Main parts of PNPT-0.3

  • vessel,
  • product collectors,
  • gas line,
  • heating coils,
  • service area,
  • gas treatment unit,
  • automation systems.

The equipment of the unit is located in a cabinet and represents a gas reduction line, which includes a filter with a differential pressure sensor to determine the degree of contamination and a gas pressure regulator to reduce the gas pressure to the required value.

A pressure relief valve on the fuel gas line before the pressure regulator is used to discharge the excessive gas volume into the atmosphere in case of exceeding the allowable volume set on the pressure regulator.

The fuel gas line is equipped with safety and relief valves after the regulator to discharge excessive gas volume from the gas line into the atmosphere.

Operating principle of PNPT-0.3

The product to be heated enters the inlet collector, where its pressure and temperature are measured. The heated medium is then sent to the product coil located in the furnace housing, where it is heated by the heat produced by the combustion products through the furnace to the intermediate coolant.

Fuel gas enters the tank heating coil, where it is heated to a temperature of 50оС, and is transferred to the fuel treatment unit. The fuel treatment unit is adjacent to the side surface of the heater housing. This solution allows to obtain heat from the wall of the heater vessel and prevent the equipment from freezing inside the fuel treatment unit.

After the treatment unit, the fuel gas is fed to the ignition and main burners and is burned in the pre-heater furnace, transferring the heat to the intermediate heat carrier.

The cooled combustion products are discharged from the heater furnace into the atmosphere through the smoke pipe.

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