Сoalescer separator unit BSBG-400

Сoalescer separator unit BSBG-400

Сoalescer separator unit BSBG-400 is designed for separation of natural gas from dropping liquid and mechanical impurities.

Operating principle of BSBG-400

The gas mixture in the separator is divided into gas and liquid due to the action of gravitational and inertial forces on the liquid droplets.

The gas stream enters the common collector and is routed through the inlet fitting to the inner housing of each separator. A vortex is formed as the flow is given a circular motion along the wall of the housing by the deflector installed in the inner cavity.

Under the action of centrifugal forces, the dropping liquid and mechanical impurities bounce on the inner wall of the housing, settle, and accumulate in the bottom of the separator. The gas stream, while continuing its rotational motion, enters the separation package where it is being purified. Then the gas passes through the filter elements, where it is cleaned to the required parameters, and enters the system through the output collector.

Main parts of -coalescer separator unit BSBG-400

  • two coalescer separators,
  • frame base for each separator,
  • common input collector,
  • common output collector,
  • service platforms,
  • piping manifold within the boundaries of the unit,
  • shutoff and regulating valves within the boundaries of the unit,
  • instrumentation within the boundaries of the unit,
  • thermal insulation of the piping manifold,
  • electric heating of the piping manifold.

The separator unit is two vertical devices consisting of two housings.

Each separator is mounted on a column-type support. The support is attached to the frame base. The separator consists of an inner welded cylindrical shell with a diameter of 1,200 mm and an elliptical bottom. The separator has an inlet assembly — a separation device.

The separation device consists of a deflector and a separation bag and is installed inside a cylindrical shell with a diameter of 1,200 mm. The separator is equipped with filter elements that provide additional purification from mechanical, solid, and dropping liquid impurities. The lower part of the separator and the lower filter element installation area serves as a liquid collector. The separator is supplied electrically heated and insulated in the condensate collection area.

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