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Gas distribution plants

Gas distribution plants (GRP) are a complex of process equipment and devices designed to reduce the inlet gas pressure to a predetermined level and maintain it constant at the outlet regardless of gas consumption.

Depending on the equipment location, the gas distribution plants are divided into several types:

  • cabinet-type gas distribution plant (GRPSh): the equipment is placed in a cabinet made of non-flammable materials;

  • gas distribution unit (GRU): the equipment is mounted on a frame and placed in the room in which the gas-consuming unit is located or in a room connected to it by an open doorway;

  • modular gas distribution plant (PGB): the equipment is installed in one or more container-type buildings;

  • stationary gas distribution plant (GRP): the equipment is placed in specially designated buildings, rooms, or outdoor areas.

The fundamental difference of GRP from GRPSh, GRU, and PGB is that GRP (unlike the latter) is not a typical factory-ready product.

Main parts of GRP

The following main units are part of GRP:

  • gas purification unit,
  • gas pressure reduction unit,
  • gas flow measurement unit.

GRP Bunter are designed for inlet pressure of up to 1.2 MPa and outlet pressure from 1 kPa to 600 kPa.

GRP is equipped with a minimum amount of automation equipment in accordance with the requirements (usually with a set of local indicating devices).

Bunter Group designs and manufactures all types of industrial gas distribution plants.

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