Automobile compressed natural gas fueling station AGNKS - Products manufacturer Bunter Group

Automobile compressed natural gas fueling station AGNKS

Automobile compressed natural gas fueling station AGNKS is a process equipment for receiving natural gas from a low-pressure gas pipeline, treatment (filtration and dehydration), compression, and delivery to external gas accumulator unit and further to gas dispensers.

Main parts of AGNKS

The set of AGNKS equipment manufactured by Bunter Group includes an external unit of gas accumulators and a process enclosure-box.

The process enclosure-box is divided into two premises:

  • process room (compressor),
  • electrical cabinet.

The compartments are separated by a firewall.

The process room contains:

  • gas metering unit (UUG),
  • gas treatment unit (BPG),
  • gas pressure reduction unit,
  • compressor,
  • compressor discharge unit,
  • priority panel,
  • heating and lighting systems,
  • emergency exhaust and climate ventilation system,
  • instruments of automatic gas (CO2) fire suppression system.

The electrical cabinet contains:

  • general station power input panel ShchS1,
  • power distribution panel ShchS2,
  • automation control panel (ShchU),
  • automatic gas (CO2) fire suppression system panel (AUGPT),
  • frequency converter for starting the main engine (200 kW) of SW200 compressor,
  • AUGPT system including an extinguishing gas cylinder on a weighing electronic device,
  • CO2 supply pipeline to the process,
  • air compressor of the pneumatic control system,
  • conditioner,
  • heater.

Roof fans of the ventilation system, heat exchanger of the compressor cooling system, and maintenance platforms are located on the roof of the process enclosure-box.

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