Automated gas distribution systems AGDS - Products manufacturer Bunter Group

Automated gas distribution systems AGDS

Automated gas distribution systems AGDS are designed to supply gas to settlements, industrial enterprises, and other consumers in a given amount with a certain pressure, required degree of purification, odorization, and gas metering.

AGDS is manufactured in accordance with TO 3647-009-27016963-2016 and corresponds to the requirements of TR TS 010/2011 “On the safety of machinery and equipment”.

The Bunter Group designs and manufactures automated gas distribution stations of the following capacities:

small capacity – up to 3,000 nm3/h,
medium capacity – up to 15,000 nm3/h,
high capacity – up to 300,000 nm3/h.

Bunter AGDSs are designed for inlet pressure up to 12.5 MPa and outlet pressure from 0.3 to 1.2 MPa. AGDS can be equipped with any number of outputs.

Main parts AGDS

The factory supply AGDS includes the following main units:

  • switching unit,
  • gas purification unit,
  • gas heating unit,
  • gas pressure reduction unit,
  • gas flow measurement unit,
  • odorization unit,
  • gas treatment unit for auxiliaries,
  • coolant preparation unit.

AGDS is a factory finished product of the required degree of technical equipment.

AGDS is equipped with the following systems:

  • monitoring and control system,
  • power and lighting system,
  • security and fire alarm systems.

AGDS units can be located both in a modular building or in separate enclosure-boxes.

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