Open flare units UFBG

Open flare units UFBG

The stacks of the open flare units are designed to remove the flare gas outflow point from ground level. The stacks of high-altitude flare systems are positioned vertically upward relative to the ground plane.

Diameter, height, material design, and type of the flare unit are determined individually depending on the initial data. Flares can be equipped with flare tips with steam, air, or auxiliary gas supply to maximize the completeness of gas combustion and reduce emissions (ensure smokeless operation). In addition, in order to reduce the environmental impact of the flare unit in some cases, the flare unit may be equipped with a special design tips without the supply of auxiliary media, which ensure smokeless combustion of gas (multi-nozzle tips, tips with variable cross-section).

Classification of open flare units

  • high and low pressure,
  • freestanding and combined,
  • on the bracing and in the support tower,
  • stationary and submerged.

Main parts of flare unit UFBG

  • tip,
  • pilot burners,
  • stack,
  • auxiliary metal structures,
  • pilot burners ignition control and operation monitoring system,
  • required instrumentation.

Depending on the dimensions and placement requirements, the flare unit can be held upright by bracing or support tower. In some cases, it is possible to use self-supporting stacks. If necessary, the design of the flare unit may include a system for raising/lowering the stacks. 

  • diameter: 100 – 2000 mm

  • height: 10 – 200 m

  • material design: 09GS, 20YuCh, 12Х18Н10T, and others (determined individually for each project).

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