Flare tips

Flare tips

Depending on the requirements for the combustion process and the actual process modes of operation, flares can be equipped with tips of various designs. If there are no requirements to ensure smokeless operation, flare systems with a jet (gas-dynamic) shutter can be supplied.

In the presence of heavy hydrocarbons in the discharged gas to ensure smokeless operation, it is necessary to use a tip with a steam or air supply.
In addition, it is possible to use high-speed (injection) tips, which do not require the use of additional media for smokeless operation.

The possibility of using any of these systems is determined individually for each system based on the available process parameters and modes of equipment operation. Regardless of the design, the tip is made of heat-resistant steel.

Pilot burners are provided to ensure the maintenance of the flare combustion process. The number of pilot burners depends on the diameter of the flare tip.

Selection and calculation of the flare tip for UFBG system is carried out by specialists of Bunter Group design department. Depending on operating conditions and customer requirements, various types of tips can be manufactured.

Jet tips

Pipe (jet) flare tips are used in the case of burning of flare gases that are not prone to formation of smoke, or in cases where there are no requirements for smokeless combustion of the discharged gas. Jet tips are equipped with mechanical means to ensure flame stability and eliminate the possibility of internal combustion. Windshields are provided to reduce the effects of flame “lining”.

Tips with steam supply

The main purpose of steam supply in flare tips is to ensure smokeless combustion of flare gas. Tips with steam supply should be designed so that the steam supply does not cause extinguishing of the flame, but rather provides additional stabilization when affected by the side wind.

Tips with air supply

Tips with forced air supply are used in cases where the supply of water steam is not possible or not justified for economic reasons.
Flare tips with air supply contain gas distribution devices to improve mixing of the flare gas with the supplied air. The range of smokelessness of a flare unit with air supply depends on the amount of forced air supplied and on the velocity of its outflow.

Multi-nozzle tips (high-pressure tips)

High-pressure flare tips are used when smokeless combustion is required and the flare gas at the inlet to the flare unit has sufficient pressure to ensure a high flow rate. The advantage of flare tips of this type is the ability to significantly reduce or completely eliminate the use of auxiliary media.

Endothermic flare tips

Endothermic flare tips are used when burning flare gases with low calorific value. The most widespread are endothermic flare tips, which provide for the supply of additional fuel gas through nozzles located along the perimeter of the upper cut of the flare tip. For additional flame stabilization and protection against side wind gusts, enhanced shields can be used in the design of flare heads with fuel gas supply.

Capacity: up to 2,000,000 m3/h
Nominal diameter: 25 to 2,000 mm
Smokelessness: up to 100%
Material design: 10Х23Н18Т, 12Х18Н10Т, SS310.

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