Modular tube-type furnace PTB-10E - Products manufacturer Bunter Group

Modular tube-type furnace PTB-10E

Modular tube-type furnace PTB-10E are designed to heat oil and oil emulsions during their field treatment and transportation, as well as to heat water for process purposes.

Main parts of modular tube-type furnace PTB-10E

  • heat exchange chamber,
  • furnace base unit with integrated gas-distributing point,
  • fan unit,
  • automation system.

Operating principle of PTB-10E

In the heat exchange chamber, the heat exchange process is carried out between the gas fuel combustion products, which wash the outer surfaces of the finned coil tubes, and the heated medium inside.

The product to be heated enters the inlet collector, where its temperature and pressure are measured, and then, distributed through four pipelines, enters the heat exchange chamber. While moving through the coil sections, the product is heated by the gas fuel combustion heat that enters the heat exchange chamber. The heated product is then sent to the process.

The automation system is based on the modular functional principle. It is a set of monitoring, control, and signaling devices placed directly on the process part of the furnace and in the Customer's room.

Main difference of PTB-10E from PTB-10-64 and PTB-10A furnaces

The efficiency of PTB-10E furnaces was increased by 10% due to the introduction of a six-row coil instead of a four-row coil. In addition, PTB-10E are equipped with electromagnetic actuators.

A wide range of direct heating furnaces allows to choose an individual solution for specific operating conditions to reduce capital costs and achieve greater economic effect.

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