Cylinder furnace TsS-15/3 - Products manufacturer Bunter Group

Cylinder furnace TsS-15/3

Cylinder furnaces are designed for high-temperature heating of oil or petroleum products during treatment. If necessary, can be used for heating hydrocarbon gases, water, inert gas, and other media.
Main parts of cylinder furnace TsS-15/3

  • lined radiant chamber equipped with radiant coils, burners, and explosion relief flanges;

  • convection chamber with convective tube bundles and heat recovery surfaces;

  • gas ducts and smoke pipe with control dampers.

The furnace housing is internally lined with refractory and insulating materials to prevent heat loss to the environment.

The furnaces are equipped with automation systems and instrumentation to ensure safe operation of the equipment.

Combined burners are located in the furnace seat. The walls of the radiation chamber are equipped with single-row wall tube screens.

Combustion gases are exhausted through a smoke pipe installed on the furnace and a gas collector.

The furnaces are manufactured in two versions: radiant (without
convection chamber) and radiant-convective (with convection chamber).

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