Combined oil heater PNK-073 - Products manufacturer Bunter Group

Combined oil heater PNK-073

Combined oil heater PNK-073 is designed to heat oil of different viscosity and oil emulsion in the process of oil treatment at the fields and during transportation.
Main parts of combined oil heater PNK-073

  • heater unit with a burner device,

  • fuel treatment unit,

  • assembly air handling unit,

  • automation system.

Features of PNK heaters

The product is heated to 110 °C, which makes it possible to use it in the treatment of heavy oil, oil, and gas condensate stabilization processes. 

Advantages of PNK-0.73

  • The heater simultaneously implements the principles of "soft" oil heating in the environment of the intermediate heat transfer medium and in the environment of moderate temperatures of the fuel combustion products. Coking of the heated product on the coil walls and disturbances in its operation are excluded.

  • The use of methods of heat exchange intensification allowed to significantly reduce the dimensions and weight of the heater in comparison with known domestic and foreign analogs.

  • The adopted design solutions ensure high efficiency, economy, environmental friendliness, and safety of the heater operation.

  • The efficiency is 87%.

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