Modular boiler plant UKM-0.8VGZh

Modular boiler plant UKM-0.8VGZh

Modular boiler plant UKM-0.8VGZh is designed for heat supply of buildings and constructions; Installed capacity of the boiler plant is 0.8 MW.

The modular design of the boiler plant provides for the delivery of the boiler plant at the place of installation in the pre-fabricated modules, thus all the thermal-mechanical equipment, instrumentation, and electrical equipment is installed in the module at the Bunter Group site.

Boiler plant is a process complex consisting of transportable pre-fabricated module with mounted boiler equipment, auxiliary equipment for water and coolant treatment, instrumentation, and electric power.

The boiler plant is delivered to the place of operation as a complete factory-assembled unit on a railway platform or by automobile transport.

Main parts of the modular boiler plant UKM-0.8VGZh

The boiler plant consists of a transportable modular container with dimensions of 3.2x11.0 m. The modular container consists of an insulated supporting frame and a frame with insulated panels mounted onto it. Window and door openings are located in the walls.

The following equipment is located inside the boiler plant:

  • water heating equipment: boilers and burners;
  • pumping equipment: line pumps, circulation pumps, boiler and line make-up pumps;
  • chemical water treatment system: dosing pump, reagent reserve tank;
  • auxiliary equipment: expansion tanks, source water reserve tank, three-way valves, heat exchangers;
  • automatic boiler control system — electrical equipment;
  • air heating system of the boiler plant and ventilation system;
  • shut-off and control valves, filters, water and gas valves;
  • pipeline of the water and gas circuits of the boiler plant.

The boiler room is equipped with a system for supplying reserve fuel to the burners from the reserve fuel tank. The tank is not included in the scope of delivery. Switching to reserve fuel is automatic when the gas supply is interrupted.

Boiler plant automation ensures:

  • boiler automation,
  • automation of the thermal-mechanical equipment,
  • operational accounting of supplied heat and coolant,
  • operational accounting of gas (boiler plant and unit),
  • operational accounting of liquid fuel,
  • operational accounting of cold water,
  • monitoring the content of CO and CH4 gases in the air,
  • emergency parameter signalization.

Combustion products from the boilers are removed by self-draining through separately standing 8.0 m high smoke pipes installed outside the boiler plant. The boiler plant is equipped with general ventilation and air heating system.

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